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Voyager Tarot

The Voyager Tarot was created in 1985 by James Wanless. It's filled with powerful symbology in the form of collages, creating a dreamscape of imagery that connects all people of every culture and background on an instinctual, primal level. The cards are a conduit for learning more about what is on your mind, how you feel, and what you want. Voyager tarot helps you break through preconceptions and get to the secrets your subconscious is begging to set free.

The journey of life is a rollercoaster, filled with the inevitiable ups and downs of challenges, experience and insight. The simple act of picking a card a day helps you make decisions and take actions that ultimately pave that path and lead the way towards achieving harmony with the world.

By adopting fresh perspectives, being aware of opportunities, and banishing the negative thoughts that can sometimes encircle our minds, we can be free to pursue the greater will and purpose that we each possess.

Take the journey and pick a card every day!